Barkoskie Electric Service, Inc.
Testimonials from our Customers

We cannot thank you enough for completing our job so thoroughly and efficiently.
Tony and Rick were great to work with. They even made me understand electricity and
how it works in a house that was built in 1939. They upgraded the current electrical
work to ensure the safety of the families that live there. They answered my every call
and text message. Even on a Sunday while at the Fernandina Shrimp Festival! Who does that?

We highly recommend them for any electrical needs that you may have.
Bob and Jackie Castranova Atlantic Beach Fl

Dear Barkoskie Electric
On behalf of the members and guests of Al Pablo, I write to express gratitude for your
hard work on maintaining the club'selectrical system. In particular, your flexibility
and responsiveness preparing the building for the new air conditioning system made a
difficult project go smoothly.
Al Pablo is able to maintain a safe and comfortable space only through the efforts
of our members and volunteers. Thank you again for the time Barkoskie Electric spent
in providing quality electrical work on time and under budget.

For the Board of Directors, Wendell Finner, President

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